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Convergent Security Solutions

PRO700 Low Cost Intercoms

ICSS is the Master Distributor of Zenitel range of products in South Asia. Zenitel is a world leader in manufacturing communication and security equipment with five decades of experience. This range of products includes: M100 Intercom & Nurse Call (formerly Bosch), Ring Master Intercom & Security Systems an AlphaCom Intercom & Security Systems. The high quality products manufactured in Europe serve a wide range of markets:-

S16 and PRO700 Intercom Systems for small system of up to 32 stations.

Finance: Zenitel manufactures special systems for quick and clear communication in dealing rooms, within the rooms and across continents. The system allows for automatic broadcast of messages and news to pre-selected groups and instant hands-free communication between users.

AccessCom for Office: The system integrates CCTV, Access Control and intercom for user friendly security for offices.

Hospitals: Zenitel Nurse Call systems are popularly used in Europe. Sturdy and reliable with a wide range of accessories, the PAN system simplifies ring interconnections and facilitates quick installation.