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Cisco Systems Awards Stanley Security Solutions Multi Country Reader Upgrade Project.

CSS U.S. National Account Manager, John L. Green, and the Stanley Cisco team have been awarded a $400,000 project for upgrades to all 13,000 Cisco enterprise access control card readers around the globe.  This project also includes a dedicated Global Project Manager (GPM) who will act as a single point of contact to manage both CSS operations teams in the U.S., as well as global SSS offices and subcontractors in Central and South America, Asia Pacific, Japan, Europe and the Middle East.
This is a significant project for SSS and the Global Vertical Market Solutions Team due to its broad scope.  The project is being used as a pilot to help establish our global growth sales and deployment process model for 2013 and beyond.  It also ties directly into our global growth Legal and Financial GDP initiative and action plan.
Our first GDP Kaizen event around this project was held in Indianapolis on October 15th.  Significant steps were taken at this event to define an official international sales process for all of SSS globally. This aligns with our goal of becoming the industry leading provider of security products, services and solutions in the markets we serve, trading on our reputation for customer service and quality while leveraging our footprint of 985 Stanley Black & Decker global locations.
We would like to thank Pete Williams with Cisco Systems and his continued commitment to the partnership with Stanley Security Solutions, and John L. Green, Joe Isaacson and the rest of the CSS U.S. Cisco team for cultivating this partnership and continuing to grow our Cisco relationship globally.
What is Project Leapfrog?
Project Leapfrog is our formula for accelerating organic growth.
About our Project Leapfrog: Vertical Markets Growth Initiative:
Our Project Leapfrog: Vertical Markets initiative is about combining the full power of our products and technologies to deliver powerful and unique solutions for our customers in specific industry verticals, such as retail, banking, education, healthcare, and more. Our Vertical Market solutions apply both to our Security business, which can supply entire systems from locks and automatic doors to cameras and monitoring, and to our Advanced Industrial Solutions and Healthcare business, which can provide asset tracking and productivity enhancing systems via our Real Time Location Sensing technology.