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SSS Provides Security Solution for Sandy Hook Students and Faculty.


In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy last month, the outpouring of support from our employees and the broader community has been overwhelming, but our Security team has made an impact in a way that only they can.
Mike Jaworowski, District Sales Manager – Connecticut and Western New York, and Ray Esposito, Connecticut District General Manager, immediately reached out to the Newtown board of education to offer our Security team’s help and Stanley’s resources.  After the determination was made by the town to move the students to a decommissioned school building in a neighboring town, our role became clearer.  They needed locksets and other door hardware in the old school building and they needed help with the electronic security (intercom, door entry, intrusion, fire).
Jim McGovern, a 12-year security consultant, and Mark Petruska from our Mechanical Security division, were called in to perform a comprehensive security survey and determine what was needed in the building to allow the students to move in and be safe.
Within days, an entire SSS team was assembled to implement the necessary updates to the old building. Doors from the 1950s were repaired and reinforced. Custom wraps and mending plates were designed for broken doors and doors that would never hold screws.  Additional SSS volunteers worked on panic devices, card readers and handles.
The SSS team designed the necessary electronic and mechanical access systems to protect the students and faculty properly in the temporary facility. Once the integrated solution was finished, at a total value of over $200,000, they got the necessary approvals from Stanley’s Executive Management team to donate 100% of it. Soon after, they met with the Newtown Facilities Director to present the donated solution. The Newtown Facilities team was very thankful for such a large donation and agreed to have everything installed immediately. We quickly scheduled our teams to meet the fast turnaround time required. It is important to note that the assessment and installations took place within only two weeks.
Since the temporary building was owned by the Town of Monroe, Monroe decided that they were going to use their current electronic security vendor for the integrated electronic security system. However, they did accept the donation of 158 mechanical locking door sets, valued at over $100,000.
Newtown is now going to review all of their needs with us for current and future permanent building solutions. They are currently in the process of purchasing and installing new locks from Stanley Mechanical Solutions in all of the Newtown schools. There are potential opportunities for our automatic door unit to equip their schools with bullet proof and attack resistant doors and our electronic security business to assume responsibility for providing all of their electronic security needs.  

Again, all of this was done at no cost to the town or the school system. It is a powerful example not only of what a community can do when it comes together, but also of what Stanley Security Solutions can offer a school system.
As a leader in the security industry, Stanley Security Solutions has been partnering with educational facilities to develop comprehensive solutions to keep schools safe.  It starts with a free site assessment, and covers everything from emergency preparedness and school safety programs to a full, comprehensive solution with locks, doors, video surveillance, monitoring and more.