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Project References

Securing Our Schools: Stanley Convergent Security Solutions Places Sonitrol in New England’s Largest School System.

In November 2012, Jim Basler, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (CSS) Senior Security Consultant, was contacted by the Brockton School Department Facilities Director. Brockton Schools, located in Brockton, Massachusetts, had once used Sonitrol for their security needs, but had switched providers several years earlier. Jim learned that the current provider was not responding to Brockton’s service calls in a timely manner.  Jim took that opportunity to reintroduce Sonitrol and the services we offer our customers. 

Jim next teamed up with Don Markowski, a CSS Senior Customer Account Manager with past knowledge of the Brockton School Department and 15 years of Sonitrol experience. Jim and Don began laying the groundwork to visit the Brockton schools and map out current equipment and security deficiencies within each building.

Jim and Don found very inadequate security measures at more than half of the Brockton schools. School security at several locations had been reduced by almost 90 percent, as no motion detectors replaced the PA20 Audios that where disconnected when the new security provider took over.
In late January, Jim, Don, and Eric Caruso, CSS New England District Sales Manager, had the first meeting to present their findings to the Brockton School Facilities team. They discussed the site survey findings, including areas for security improvements. The team learned that the current security provider was not able to change codes in a timely manner, a critical need for the facilities team. MySonitrol was discussed in detail and the school representatives were ecstatic to learn that they would be able to control all codes from the main facilities office or through an email to data entry, if needed.
The Brockton team also mentioned that it had decided to implement two access doors at each school location, and after hearing about our capabilities in that area, they asked our team to provide an access control solution for each building.
In early February, the Stanley team met with the Brockton School Facilities team to deliver its final quotation for Sonitrol Security, access control, additional audio detection, and services including monitoring, MySonitrol, code changes, access control changes, and more.
The City of Brockton School Department accepted the team’s proposal in full and installation will begin shortly.  The total breakdown of the sale is below:
 •Sonitrol Security Services: $6,500 Security Plus Monthly
 •Access Control Sale: $78,577 and $1,477 per month
 •Total Contract Value: $557,197
With the Sonitrol solution, the Brockton schools will be secured and the Facilities team will have much-needed control over their system – a true Stanley partnership.